The 1st Palestine Model United Nations in Gaza MUN Palestine 2012.
NECCCRW   participated in the launch conference of “MUN Palestine 2012”, placing in Rashad El Shawa Center in 27-9-2012 and it will run for 4 days, with the presence of national and international NGO’s.

It is an academic program implemented by Gaza Group for Culture and Development, and funded by UNDP. The conference hosts approximately 298 delegates from Palestine with anticipation from the Arab World, Europe, and United States. The Model United Nations is simulation of the United Nations Organizations in form and content. 

The academic conference today aims to aware the youths about the topics related to diplomatic and international relationships, create a constructive dialogue between the youths of the world in a way that shed the light on the Palestinian issue and support the rights of the Palestinian people, educate the Palestinian youth diplomatically and politically to attract their attention to the active role of the united nations and its branches in Palestinian territories. The Palestinian cause, for the first time, is introduced by the youths of the world. 

The participants simulate the Diplomatic role through its simulation of United Nations Councils such as General Assembly, an economic and social Council, a Security Council, and UNDP’s Program of Assistance to the Palestinian People.

This conference is a chance to show the world the abilities and the skills of the Palestinian young men and to let everyone know the exact reality of Palestine.