Gaza Area has inaugurated the new department of Multimedia and Graphics Design.
An official opening ceremony took place on February Saturday 22nd where audience from several local partner organization operating in vocational training and youth employment as well as NECC friends were invited to the ceremony. Opening the new Multimedia and Graphics Design department comes in response to the Gaza community and labor market needs and is aiming to empower young females and increasing livelihoods and employment opportunities for girls in ICT-related vocational field. The opening ceremony was honored by NECC area committee board, NECC prior executive director in addition to representatives of local partner entities such as Palestinian Federation of Industries (PFI), UNRWA and private sector. The training in Multimedia and Graphics Design was already started on 27th January with a capacity of 29 female students. All preparations were already arranged before launching the training including infrastructure procurement of all needed logistics, curricula development, recruitment of tutors, etc. This new vocational program is a one-year diploma licensed from Ministry of Labor and targeting youth girls who finished their high school (Tawjihi) certificate and have the interest in the multimedia, graphics design and freelancing stream.