“Psychosocial CABAC –Children Affected by Armed Conflict – Intervention “ workshop in Gaza, from 31 May to 5 June.
NECC/DSPR-Gaza with the support from Act for Peace-Australian Aid has implemented a training course based on Children Affected by Armed Conflict ( CABAC) intervention for NECC PSS Counselors . This workshop held in Gaza City, NECC Premises, from 31 May  to 5 June , 2014. Children are the most vulnerable victims in armed conflicts. They have little understanding of why there are conflicts and very often they make up their own conclusions in order to find reason. The affected parts in conflict are exposed to stress, frustrations, powerlessness and react accordingly. This workshop aims to provide participants with the skills and confidence to deal with children using appropriate PSS CABAC Manual. This intervention is developed to enhance resilience, support coping mechanisms, ensure closer link among children and counselors, facilitate playing opportunities, reduce stress, and encourage creativity and social interaction for children.  In the end of the workshop all participants are able to use and apply CABAC PSS intervention with children within NECC Primary Health Clinics, kindergartens and TVET Centers.   The workshop was facilitated by Mr. Nahed Harara , PSS trainer. The facilitator guided the counselors through 6 -days of presentations, exercises and group work on how to conduct the CABAC sessions using the appropriate techniques and tools. A lively group of participants made for many interesting questions and passionate discussions. All present showed a real sense of commitment to, and the importance of,  dealing with the PSS CABAC sessions for children, which is a good sign for the future work of PSS in NECC programs