The start of NECC TVET Diploma Courses 2014-2015.
In the 15th of September 2014, NECC TVET courses were started for male and female youth in the concerned fields of secretary study and English Language, Advanced dress making, Carpentry and Furniture making/ Metal works and Aluminum except the electricity and motor rewinding that will be started in the next November 2014 based on the plan. It was supposed to start the courses study at the beginning of September but it was shifted two weeks later due to the protective edge war on Gaza Strip. In July, 2014, NECC announced and advertised about its diploma courses for the new term in local papers, radio spots and distributed announcements to all related organizations, municipalities, clubs, and universities to be informed. The registration door was opened for these courses. The condition to join was that the male or female students had to apply enrolment applications not later than the deadline and should meet the criteria of the course clarified in the announcement. Then they applied an entrance exam and interview by NECC interviewee committee to select the appropriate.   A total of 82 male and female trainees were selected and started their study in our TVET centers (43 new female students and 39 new male ones) except for the electricity course.   NECC welcomes the fresh students and wish for them every success in their future with the aim of providing them with TVET knowledge and skills to empower their own economic conditions.