NECC Emergency Response: Providing emergency assistance during and after war.
After the 51-day war ended, Gaza’s fragile infrastructure including health, education, water and sanitation facilities and electrical infrastructure has sustained severe damages. Israel still bans construction materials from entering the Gaza Strip stalling major efforts to reconstruct local businesses, factories, public institutions, schools and homes. Gaza’s unemployment and poverty rates have been driven to higher levels due to the level of destruction. Thousands of families whose homes were damaged or destroyed remain homeless and continue to struggle to find adequate shelter. NECC / DSPR Gaza responded to the crisis by distributing food and non-food kits to 789 affected families whose homes were destroyed and sheltered in the Orthodox Church, nearby Katib Welaya mosque, Orthodox Cultural Church and the surrounding war houses at Zaitun area: 409 families supported by DKH and 380 ones supported with in-kind donation from Aneera. Additionally, those families were also assisted with distributing 11070 mineral water bottles of 1 Litre from UNRWA. With the generous support of DKH, NECC is also distributing unconditional vouchers that meet food items or school stationary to 835 affected families from Shijaia area. Foods kits are also distributed to 300 affected families include NECC TVET families and the needy ones who used to come to NECC relief aids department to receive assistance, supported by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. NECC also delivered 100 new born kits from Save the Children, 350 hygiene kits and were distributed to NECC Primary Health care patients in addition to the delivery of 27 medical kits from CRSs to be distributed at NECC PHC’s. Additionally, NECC is now implementing a psychosocial support projects funded by CRSs, PMP and Act Alliance to alleviate the suffering of our targeted children, women, staff and TVET students at NECC Programs   . Furthermore, NECC is in the process of planning for the renovation of its Health Program Clinics with the support of the Pontifical Mission. NECC usually seeks to assist the affected and vulnerable families in order to reduce their suffering during and after the emergency crises with the generous support of supporters.
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