Opening Ceremony of the official start of new TVET programmes at NECC supported by the EU.
The opening ceremony that was held at the Near East Council of Churches (NECC) headquarter premises was devoted to the opening of the vocational training centres funded and supported by EU in its new version after enhancement through the technical support by GIZ. The event included the opening of vocational training centers of secretary and advanced dressmaking at NECC headquarters representing the other centres. Dr. Issa Tarazi, the NECC-Gaza Committee Executive Manager, started his speech by welcoming the valued audience and gave a brief on NECC programs especially the so-called TVET program and the cooperation with EU and GIZ in that approach and highlighted the importance of this approach in the spot of employment situations among the Gaza Strip youth. The opening ceremony which was honoured by attendance and speeches of representatives of EU, GIZ and the German Cooperation, included the attendance of representatives of the other four involved TVET institutions including Abdel-Mo’ty Rayyes Vocational Secondary Girls School, Deir al Balah Industrial Secondary School, University College of Applied Sciences and Palestine Technical College Deir al Balah. The new vocational training programmes launched in the scholastic year 2015-2016 are in metal and aluminium work, carpentry, electricity, dressmaking, secretary occupations at NECC in addition to  beautification, office machines maintenance , agronomy, fashion design, multimedia design and hospitality management in the areas of food and beverage and accommodation services at the other four aforementioned organizations. The ceremony included speeches from Mr Hussam Ahmed, Representative of the Ministry of Labour, Mr. Riccardo Rossi, Head of the Economic Development and Trade Section at the European Union Representative Office, and Dr. Andreas Koenig, Head of GIZ TVET and Employment Programme.  Mr Rossi mentioned that the EU is one of the main donors to the TVET sector, where the EU has invested 14 Million Euro in this sector 2 Million targeted Gaza Strip. Mr Rossi emphasized on the importance of TVET that contributes directly to unemployment reduction and opening new opportunities to the Palestinian youth. In keeping with its slogan “TVET – Transforming skills into work”, TVET Gaza aims to raise awareness among partners, the public, and the media in Gaza about new TVET services and programmes. The opening event highlighted the coherent and valuable approach in the Gaza Strip introducing new TVET programmes that meet the need of the labour market. The event further promoted TVET as a full-equivalent alternative to academic education, offering not only educational and career support but also opportunities for personal development. The objective of the new training programmes is to promote a sustainable, private sector-led, job-creating economic growth that shall contribute to the socio-economic development of the Gaza Strip. Please find further information on