Job Creation Project
”Gaza is on the verge of collapse. There is almost no opening for new jobs”, many youth applicants said.As the situations in Gaza Strip continue to worsen, the humanitarian situation on the ground is growing worse with each passing day. It’s now recorded that over 50% of the population are unemployed, most seeking employers to open new jobs with few provided opportunities. Near East Council of Churches is concerned about the improvement of the livelihoods in the besieged Strip by its continuous commitment to the Job Creation programs which has been running for many years.Currently, through a generous grant from the Pontifical Mission, the NECC is running a new JC project starting from August and will be lasting till the end of year 2015.Stating selection criteria, the NECC carried out a full process of advertising, receiving applications and selecting the winners.The project that was planned to last for 5 months, aimed at alleviating the worsening economic situations in the Gaza Strip especially among Palestinian youth residing Gaza through providing groups of them with temporary job opportunities as well as integrating them into the local labor market.This patch targeted 75 youth applicants divided into 25 university graduates holding BA certificates in certain university specialties, in addition to 50 persons who were graduated from vocational training centers and holding diploma certificate.Many prominent success stories were witnessed and recorded obviously the story of success of Mohammed Abu Kmail, a person with disability aged 28 years suffering from Spastic quadriplegia as a result of a cerebral palsy at birth, using an electric wheelchair.Mohammed is married, has no kids so far and living with his parents, 3 brothers and a sister of him, all of them are not working.He was graduated with a Bachelor degree in Accounting from a local university in Gaza in 2011 and worked in many temporary jobs after his graduation but not succeed to win a permanent job as a result of the bad employment status in Gaza. Nowadays, Mohammed is experiencing the job opportunity provided by NECC as he is working for the General Union of Disabled Palestinians (GUDP) as a mentor for the public on how to deal with persons with disabilities through holding lectures and workshops in institutions, colleges and universities. Besides, he is well doing the administrative tasks appointed to him.