TVET-Week Gaza, February15, 2016
News Item Gaza, February15, 2016 TVET-Week eventheld at Shalihat Resortin Gaza, supported by the EU Dr. Issa Tarazi, NECC Executive Director represents partner institutions by a speech in the TVET-Week Event The TVET-Week ceremony that was held at the Shalihat Resorts on Gaza beachwas devoted to shedding the lights on the TVET institutes partnered in the EU – TVET Empowerment Programme through the technical support by GIZ; institutes included NECC, University College of Applied Sciences, Palestine Technical College - Deir al Balah, Abdel-Mo’ty Rayyes Vocational Secondary Girls School and Deir al Balah Industrial Secondary School. Dr. Issa Tarazi, the NECC-Gaza CommitteeExecutive Director was honoured in the event to represent the partner institutions by his welcoming speech;he started his speech welcoming the valued audience and gave a brief spot on NECC programs especially the so-called TVET programmeand the cooperation with EU and GIZ in that field. As well, he emphasized on the importance of spreading TVET culture inside the community which will result at the end, the alleviation of high unemployment rates among youth and introducing new job opportunities through the promising TVET approach. This importantevent was also honoured by attendance and speeches of Minister of Labour, representatives of EU, GIZ, Belgium Technical Cooperation BTC and the Federal Ministryof German Cooperation. Mr. Ma’moun Abu Shahla, the Minister of Labour tackled in his speech the problem of unemployment rate in Gaza Strip which ranks the highest in the world, while he mentioned the efforts his ministry will exert in order to help solving this haunting dilemma. Valued speeches from the honoured EU, GIZ and BTC guests mentioned the stages of their support to TVET institutions in Palestine in General and particularly Gaza Strip and asserted on their commitment in continuing their support to the Palestinians in all aspects and further support to TVET sector in the upcoming days. The speeches were followed by exciting shows included Dabka and Funny Sketch where the opening of the exhibition took place after the guests’ speeches, the exhibition will last for four days. It is worth mentioning that NECC-TVET booth contained samples of students exercise including carpentry pieces, metal pieces, electrical networks and connections in addition to clothes made by dressmaking centre. Adheringto its slogan “TVET – Transforming skills into work”, TVET-Gazaled by project of “EU Support to TVET Sector in the Gaza Strip”, implemented by GIZ aims to raise awareness among partners, the public, and the media in Gaza about new TVET services and programmes. The TVET-Week event highlighted the coherent and valuable approach of TVET in the Gaza Strip introducing new TVET programmes that meet the need of the labour market. Here