a Story from Gaza VTC.
This story is for a student who was born in 1994 and holds a sixth-grade primary school certificate, he did not have a desire to continue his education, he said “I wish I can learn the profession of carpentry, my father was a worker in Israel and because of the siege and closure he did not work for many years, then he was martyred during the recent war in Gaza in front of my eyes, I will never forget this sad black moment.” “My family consists of 7 members and I have an older brother who is graduated from the general secondary school, my family lives on the donations of the charities, we also get cash assistance from the NECCC that help us providing our necessary and basic requirements for living. The student began to learn the profession and he did his best to learn it very well and now he became able to support his family and help them.  Also we joined him to a psychosocial support program, now he is working in the evening period so that he can provide his family with financial support, beside that he continued his studies at the center. When you talk with this student you can notice how much he is polite and full of hope and desire to get better future for himself and his family.