Najwa Al Mathlom, Daraj Family Care Center.
Najwa is a pregnant lady who follows up her pregnancy at Al Daraj Health Clinic. Najwa lives with her husband and children in a very small house consists of two bedrooms, one bathroom and one small kitchen without any windows. The condition of the house is critical and unhealthy; their economical situation is hard and the husband has no job and they have no other living resource except depending on peoples’ aid. Najwa suffers from several diseases such as high blood pressure, problems in the urethra and anemia. She also suffers from several psychological and emotional problems, she feels sad and depressed most of the time and her emotional situation reflect negatively on her relation with her children. Also, Najwa’s children face a lot of psychological and emotional problems, after the war they started to suffer from allured urination and feel afraid. In addition to the war effects, the children started to feel shy and lack of self-confidence especially at school as their father cannot afford them their needs. As the NECC clinics provide free medical services, this young woman started to follow up her physical health at the clinic. Several free health analysis were conducted to her such as blood and urine analysis and pressure measurement on daily basis providing her with the needed medication for free. After getting better physically, she started to feel more relax and her relation with children improved. The NECC health team used to visit her at her home on continuous bases to check on her; during these visits the young woman started to talk and talk about her inner feelings, what annoys her and make her feel pressure. The staff nurse listened to her carefully, advice her and consult her with her problems. Najwa stated that in every visit she used to relief on herself by talking and receiving feedback and support from the health team which made her feel better. She really appreciates the type of services NECC provides and how they put inconsideration the need of poor people who cannot afford for their basic needs and wants in a way that reflects the sense of humanity, and her experience with our staff provided her with hope and she became more optimistic. “Even my family and I are facing a very inhuman and crucial situation, but I believe that our condition may change to a better one in the near future and hope my husband will find a job soon and it will be great if your organization could help us in this matter” Najwa stated. I really appreciate what NECC provides to me and my family and to the community of our area in Darraj as it provide unique services with high quality at the same place including the primary health care services for all the family members and psychosocial support, those services provided by a highly skilled and experienced staff.