Rehab Abu Al-Kas, Shija’ia Family Health Care Centr
My name is Rehab, a 30 years old, my husband is un-employed and we have five children and we depend on others assistance.  My youngest child is 3 months years old; I follow up my children’s health condition and mine at Al Shija’ia Family Health Care Centre benefiting from the well baby clinic, following up in the malnutrition and anemia project, baby clinic and I used to follow up my health condition when I was pregnant in the antenatal care clinic in continuous basis examining my blood pressure, my weight, my fetal heart beats and other needed tests. After delivery the midwives visited me several times at my home for postnatal visit to check on me , my baby , they gave me advices about breast feeding and the best way for it, about nutrition , they did for me uterine massage, dressing for me and my baby  umbilical cord then they encouraged me to register my baby at the  well baby clinic for follow up his weight, length and hemoglobin. On 22nd March 2012 Rehab Abu Al-Kas visited our health clinic asking for methods for family planning, as she explained how their economic situation is bad and her husband and her self cannot provide their children’s needs and expenses. Rehab explained that she dares to follow up at the NECC because they provide free medical services, medication and consultation so at least she can feel relax regarding the health status of her self and her children as there is no many clinics provide those health services with this quality for free as NECC do specially as we have a very bad economic situation, high level of unemployment and poverty in Gaza which affect all life aspects including the health sector. Rehab added “I really feel grateful to the financial aid NECC provided us along with the continuous free health service provided of the family care center in Shija’ua area, but unfortunately due to our crucial economic condition we need more financial assistance to support our children